Bitcoin Analytics for Compliance, Forensics and CRM

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We build powerful Blockchain intelligence to bring confidence between Bitcoin business partners and customers.





Improve your compliance management

Bitcoin regulation is on its way. Constantly evolving, it requires ongoing vigilance. As Bitcoin stakeholders, this is the new challenge you need to cope with. Our analytics platform gives you the power to apply compliance rules such as know-your-transaction and anti-money laundering processes. You are now able to spot fraudulent transactions and give the best and most trustable service to your customers.

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Track Bitcoin-related cyber threats

Ransomwares, ponzi schemes, scams and illegal transactions from the Darkweb are typical activities led by criminals using the Bitcoin network. In 2016 more than 50% of companies have been hit with ransomwares and figures are rising. Follow criminals at unlimited-depth with powerful Bitcoin forensics suite of tools.

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Learn from your customers’ behaviors

Get a deep analysis of your Bitcoin users with unique features. By generating meaningful data that describes and evaluates how users obtain and spend their bitcoins, you are able to adapt your sales and marketing strategy. You have now the opportunity to keep one step ahead in this competitive market place.

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A comprehensive and integrated suite of tools

600+ Identified entities

12500+ Scam entities

Interactive data visualization

API access

Compliance reporting

Specific investigations

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